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How To Tell If Beef Is Good Quality

How To Tell If Beef Is Good Quality

This Videojug film provides help on how to choose a good cut of beef as well as informing you about aged beef. Learn to be a beef connoissuer.

Hi, welcome to Godfrey's. I'm Chris Godfrey and today I'm going to be showing you a few of my tips about meat. I have been running this shop in Highbury for the last thirty years, and it has been in my family for over a hundred years.

How to tell if beef is good quality? It is quite simple really, you want to look at the fat and you want to have a look at the flesh. Beef needs to be hung, so it doesn't need to be fresh. So hanging beef as you tenderize it also makes the flavor better on it.

Beef is better hung for anything up to three weeks. If you look at that piece of beef there you see the fine marbling in amongst the flesh. That shows it's a really decent piece of beef.

The fat is nice, it is not sloppy. It is really firm and it is nicely colored, buttercup yellow, which shows it's been on the grass and not been on the barley. That's a decent piece of beef.

That's how you have good beef.