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How To Tell If Chicken Is Fresh

How To Tell If Chicken Is Fresh

Chris Godfrey, a well established butcher in Highbury, teaches us how to gauge if a chicken is fresh and fit for eating.

Expert Chris Godfrey on the steps you should take to tell if a chicken is fresh.

Step 1: Look

Check the skin for blemishes and behind the wings for signs of green . You want a blemish free skin and no signs of green under the skin and behind the wings joints.
And no bruises on the skin.

Step 2: Smell

All poultry will smell but it should not be unpleasant or to strong,

Step 3: Feel

The chicken skin should feel soft and have some fat. It should be wet but not slimy and if dry plucked - powdery.

Step 4: Check The Inside Of The Bird Cavity

The inside of the bird should be clean and pink looking, not slimy. You should never wash meat unless it is Slimy with a buildup of bacteria. And it should not smell unpleasant.

Step 5: Storage

Store in cold part of the fridge at the bottom away from cooked things.

Step 6: Wash Your Hands

Always wash hands after handling raw poultry and clean surfaces after use.