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How To Tell If Lamb Is Fresh

How To Tell If Lamb Is Fresh

Chris Godfrey, of Godfrey's in the UK, gives a few tips on how to tell if lamb meat is fresh. Chris has been running Godfrey's for approximately thirty years and over time has honed his ability to determine which visible characteristics make lamb meat fresh.

Hi. Welcome to Godfrey's. I'm Chris Godfrey and today I'm going to be showing you a few of my tips about meat.

I've been running this shop in Highbury for the last thirty years and it's been in my family for over a hundred years. How to tell if a lamb is fresh? The first thing you want to do is smell it because it's the smell that's important. I mean lamb shouldn't have a strong smell.

If you're looking in between the bones, if you put your finger there, if you can scrape off a load of slime with your finger that means it's old. See it's nice and dry. Nice and bright.

Nice bright colors. Nice firm fat. Not smelly.

That's what you'll look for in fresh lamb.