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How To Tell If You Have Rats

How To Tell If You Have Rats

In order to combat any pest problem in the home, the first thing you must do is figure out what particular pest you are dealing with. This video will help you learn to identify if you might have rats in your home.

When we're looking for rats, one of the tell-tale signs, again, is rats, being rodents, they'll gnaw. They will gnaw constantly, and one of the things they'll do is they will gnaw at cables, particularly electrical cables, and what they'll do is they'll actually strip the insulation right away off to reveal the copper wiring inside. So, what we've got here is we've got a visual of a cable that's exactly been under that sort of damage, and the thing that you've got there as well, you've also got the risk of electric shock.

In that situation, what you really need to do is get yourself an electrician to come in and replace that section of cable. What we've got here is a visual of a rat dropping and, for comparison there, we've got a paperclip. So, it gives you an idea of their size.

They're about a centimeter or so long. I've always said that rat droppings look just like olive pips. So, when you take the stone out of an olive, it's about the same shape and size as a rat dropping.

Now, unlike mice, where mice will do their droppings anywhere, rats are a bit more choosy where they'll go. What they'll do is they will go in one particular area, we refer to it as like a latrine area, for two reasons. Ironically, they're being hygienic but also, they're not giving away their presence.

They don't want to give away their whereabouts. So rats, if you're looking, you know, you're hearing noises, you think you've got some sort of rodent, you might have found a chewed cable or something, because mice will chew cables as well, and you're not sure what it is, normally, if you've got a lack of droppings, there's a good chance that it is a rat problem and not a mouse problem because, like I said, the rat droppings are a bit more harder to find. .