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How To Tell If Your Car Is Out Of Alignment

How To Tell If Your Car Is Out Of Alignment

Check out these five simple clues to alert you that your car is out of alignment.

Step 1: Pulling

While driving on a smooth and straight road, and the car veers to the right or left without you turning the wheel, you may need to get your car in for an alignment check.

Step 2: Wacky wheel

To drive straight, the logo on your steering wheel should be perfectly horizontal. Your car is probably out of alignment if you have to hold your steering wheel at an angle to drive straight. This is extremely dangerous and should be immediately inspected by a mechanic.

Step 3: Wheel wear

Uneven tread wear on your tires can be a good clue that something is wrong with your alignment. Inspect the rubber closely for baldness on either side. You may need to get a new tire or an alignment before the tire goes flat.

Step 4: Turn return

If your steering wheel does not return to the center position or if the wheel feels sluggish or loose, it's a sign you may have alignment issues.

Step 5: Whole lot of shaking

A vibrating or shimmying steering wheel on smooth road, means that you need to have it checked out by a trusted mechanic.