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How To Tell Someone You Love Them

How To Tell Someone You Love Them

VideoJug is here to show you how to lay your heart on the line and summon up the courage to tell someone you love them. Conquer your fears and proclaim your love with VideoJug's help!

Step 1: Be sure

It's unlikely you'll know immediately after meeting your beloved, if they really are The One. Bide your time, to check you find those quirks of hers charming, and not more and more irritating as time goes on.
Only say those three little words if you mean them, and remember once you've said it, you can't take it back.

Step 2: Be sincere

Whether you decide to let her know the wimps way, or tell her spontaneously, or plan a romantic event around it - you need to be sure she knows you're being serious. So NEVER tell her when you have drunk a little too much, when you've had some fantastic news, or when you've had some terrible news. You may be far too over-emotional, and she may doubt your sincerity.

Step 3: Advice for wimps

If you a pathetic, lily-livered weed, wait until you know she won't answer her phone in person, and then leave a message that professes your love. This way, she isn't under pressure to respond right then.... but be aware it may give her time to buy a one way ticket to Brazil.

Step 4: Be spontaneous

Once you know you're in love, an opportunity to express this will probably present itself naturally. You may find yourself overcome by a wave of emotion, and blurting out 'I love you', regardless of how suitable the occasion is for romantic gestures.

Step 5: Be organised

If you want a more controlled approach, plan a special occasion, in a special place, with some special food, and some special music for that special someone.
But let the specialness end there. When it comes to the Big Moment, keep it simple. So avoid distracting her from the meaning of your words with an over-elaborate delivery.

Don't hesitate, procrastinate or cogitate. Always remember that less is more.

Step 6: Her reaction

Congratulations. You've done it. But hang on, she's not saying anything. And now she's just said 'ahh, thanks'. Don't panic. This is NOT the time to say 'Do you love me too?'
Be patient. It may take a while for it to sink in. Just because she doesn't say anything straight away doesn't mean she doesn't love you as well.

Hang on, she's immediately said it back. What do you do now? Don't panic. This is great, remember? This is what you wanted to happen.
But it's probably a good idea to have a few follow-up conversation topics at hand to keep things flowing. Samples might include: Shall we tell all our friends- now we're in love? Shall we buy a kitten- now we're in love? Now we're in love, can you dye your hair blonde?