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How To Text On Ipod Touch

How To Text On Ipod Touch

VideoJug and Malcolm Graham present to you some handy tips to allow you to send text messages on your iPod Touch!

The iPod Touch does not have a built in texting system but there are ways to get around that. The first method is to download an app that allows you to send text messages. There are quite a few on the app store and most work fairly well.

Most of these apps are paid apps and some may charge you for further use of the app. You can also always use an instant messaging app like Mebo, IM Plus and even Skype. These instant messaging apps only allow you to send messages using the various instant messaging platforms like GTalk, Yahoo Chat, MSN Chat, AIM, ICQ and others.

Another method is to use a specifically designed website that allows you to send text messages, one such provider is IP Texter, this is located at www dot IPtexter dot com and you can register there for a free account, text messages on this site are charged at 5 pence per text, but it's free to receive. Please note that all the above methods require you to be connected to the internet. So, here's an example on iPhone 4 using Skype.

Click on the mini address book icon, select one of the contacts, and click on the little SMS button, then you're free to type your text message. This principle is the same across all the Apple mobile devices.