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How To Thicken Yogurt

How To Thicken Yogurt

This VideoJug clip goes into a yoghurt company to show you how they thicken up yoghurt in a Greek style way. Follow these simple directions to get your very own thickened Greek style yoghurt.

Hi, I'm here to talk to you about yoghurt. So, if you've seen our video about the difference between Greek and natural yoghurt, you'll see that the main characteristic of Greek yoghurt or Greek style yoghurt is it's thicker than natural yoghurt. Now, it's real easy to thicken up yoghurt, all you need to do is strain it.

So what you do is, when you've got your natural yoghurt out of your yoghurt machine or out of your pan or whatever, how you've made it, what you want to do is you'll get a bowl and line that bowl with cheesecloth or muslin, something like that. You can even use a tea towel on your surface, clean it off, and pour the yoghurt into the bowl on top of the cheesecloth, right, and then you can wrap up the cheesecloth at the top and create a sort of package of your yoghurt. First things first, give it a good squeeze over the sink and you'll get a lot of loose-like water, it's called whey.

It's full of protein but it'll come out and you can just chuck that away, it's no good by itself. So you squeeze out all you can and then what you want to do is suspend it somehow. You can.

I use a colander.

You put it in a colander and the colander let's the water drip out the bottom or you can hang it up, or something like that, but basically you've got to leave the yoghurt suspended and for about two or three hours and all the water will drop out of it. And that is how you thicken yoghurt and turn it into Greece style. .