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How To Thread Eyebrows

How To Thread Eyebrows

Originating from the middle east and India, threading is the ancient art of hair removal. With only some cotton thread, VideoJug will show you how to have your eyebrows threaded.

Step 1: Shape up

Determine your eyebrow form. What pattern does your natural brow most closely mimic? Round, angled, soft angled, or straight. If it's impossible for you to tell, trust your threader to make the call.
But here's a tip: Forcing a different shape onto your face doesn't work. Your brows will be more noticeable because they will just look out of place.

Step 2: Try to relax

Whenever you pull hair out of your skin, it's going to hurt a little. Since the threading instrument is laid down onto the skin in a straight line, it will pull several hairs out at a time. This naturally creates a clean shape for your eyebrow.

Step 3: Creating the arch

Your threader defines the line underneath your eyebrow first. This is the basis of the arch, if you're getting one, and the most important step in shaping your eyebrow.

Step 4: Cleaning on top

The hair above your eyebrow will be also be threaded for further definition-especially if your hairline runs into the top of your eyebrow. If you just some have baby fuzz, then leaving the hair intact is a better idea.

Step 5: Between Brows

Removing hair between your eyebrows is the last step. The general rule is to not to remove hair past the corners of your eyes.

If your eyebrows are too far apart, they can make your eyes look sad, appear smaller and make your nose appear wider.