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How To Thread Up Your Sewing Machine

How To Thread Up Your Sewing Machine

Roz Davies, a sewing teacher and owner of Sew Much Fun, with over thirty years of experience in the clothing industry shows you how to thread a sewing machine.

Hi, I'm Roz and I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun. I've been sewing since the age of six. It was my best subject at school and I followed through and studied at London College of Fashion.

I have now had at least thirty years of experience in the clothing industry and I have now decided to open my own shop to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing and all my desires. I'm going to show you how to thread a machine and to thread a bobbin. Now all machines are slightly different and you need to check your own manual, but this is the basic guideline.

First of all we need to put some of our thread onto our bobbin. So we load the top thread on - hold it on with a stopper - and we take it round the back, here, to guide it into the tension wheel. You must always put your thread through some tension before you load your bobbin.

Then you start it off on the bobbin and on this machine you push your guide towards your bobbin. That's ready to go. But on other machines you might be actually pushing your bobbin towards your guide.

So here it goes. Put my foot on the pedal and off I go. It will fill automatically and stop.

Take the bobbin off. And then on this machine we have a central bobbin case and a bobbin, so this means that we have to load our bobbins into our case before we load it into the machine. There are other machines where you just drop your bobbin in.

So first we have it dripping towards me. Load it in through that slot and you pull it round the tension so that it sits in the middle of that U. Then you get hold of your bobbin and you load it straight into the machine.

You hear the click. So just to show you that again. You hold it, line it up, hear the click.

So that lets you know the bobbin is in the right place. So we come back to the top thread, and we come straight down and we come back up to the looper, which is managed by the hand wheel, but make sure that the looper is at the top so it's very easy to take our thread through there and back and it has automatically thread the looper. This is a very critical part of threading up your sewing machine.

It will not work unless the looper is threaded. Then these last two are just simple guides to keep the thread out of the way whilst you are sewing. And then we thread the needle front to back and then we are ready to pick up the bottom thread by winding the needle down with the hand wheel, holding onto the top thread and just pulling it through, gradually pulling it up and there it is.

Now we're ready to sew our two threads. Put our table on and then we will check it always with a piece of scrap fabric or similar fabric to what you want to sew with. And you can both see that it's sewing alright and you can hear that it's sewing alright.