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How To Throw A Baseball

How To Throw A Baseball

How To Throw A Baseball. It doesn't matter how well you field grounders or catch pop flys, if you can't throw the baseball properly you're going to be riding the pine all season long. Here are the steps to take to make your throws straight and true.

Step 1: Get A Grip

Place your middle and index fingers 1 inch apart across the seams. Place your thumb under the ball and directly under your middle finger. Always make sure that you place your fingers across the seams otherwise the ball will sink or sail after you throw it.

Step 2: Delivery Man

Square yourself to the target and throw your arm back to your side in an arc. Step and swing your arm directly over your shoulder and towards the target. Make sure to keep your eyes on the target the entire time and to keep your elbow higher than your throwing shoulder.

Step 3: Following Through

Now plant your striding foot towards your target while pushing off of your rear foot. To put more speed on the ball snap your wrist as you release. Bring your pivot foot around so that it is now parallel to your striding foot.