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How To Throw A Card Through A Window

How To Throw A Card Through A Window

See how to throw A card through a window. The world's most powerful magician, David Zanthor, shows us this incredible trick.

Step 1: You will need

  • A deck of cards
  • Two duplicate cards,
  • Some magicians wax, bees wax, or hair wax.
  • A nice window
  • Some passers by
  • A magician's assistant
  • And a whispering charm

Step 2: The Trick

Stop someone in the street. Shuffle the cards thoroughly. Explain that you're going to riffle through the cards and ask them to tell you when to stop. Do this and allow them to take a card.

Ask them to show it to their friend. It's the ace of spades, David's favourite card. Allow them to put the card back in the deck anywhere they like, now shuffle the cards again and look through them for their card, its vanished from the deck, now throw the cards at a nearby window. Bamo! their card has magically appeared on the other side of the glass.

Step 3: How it's done

This is an easy trick that just needs a little preparation, but when performed correctly, it will dazzle and amaze even the most stone faced of audience members. For this trick to work you need to know the card they will pick ahead of time and force them that card. David's gone for the ace of spades. We're using a blue card, so you can follow it through the trick

As you can see the first card cut does not effect the ace of spades which remains safely at the bottom.

When you do the second shuffle, move the ace to the top of the deck by pulling packets of cards off the top of the deck with your thumb until one card is left, the ace, this goes on the top.

Now you force them the card with a riffle force - easy peasy. When you riffle the cards, grip the top card with your middle fingers, and pull all the other cards out of the deck in one swift motion. This puts the ace just where you want it, and forces them to take it.

Once they have looked at the card and replaced it in the deck, look through the cards and claim that their card is missing. Now unexpectedly throw the cards at the window. Behind the glass is the ace of spade, by magic? No! It's because the magician's assistant - Spectacular Jon - put it there at the beginning of the trick. See there it is, right from the start. The trick is to make sure that your audience simply don't look at it before you throw the cards at it. You can achieve this by being devastatingly charismatic.