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How To Throw A Curveball In Baseball

How To Throw A Curveball In Baseball

How To Throw A Curveball In Baseball. While the fastball may be the most important pitch in your arsenal, nothing can buckle a batter's knees like a well thrown curveball. Follow these simple steps to master the curveball in baseball.

Step 1: Get A Grip

First, you will need to learn the correct way to grip the baseball. The standard curveball grip requires you to place your thumb along the seam with your middle finger along the seam on the opposite side of the ball. Your index finger rests just next to you middle finger for control. Now for the windup.

Step 2: The Wind Up

Proper mechanics are essential to becoming a exceptional pitcher. While sizing up your target grip the ball, keeping it hidden in your glove so as not to tip off the opponents. With your foot on the rubber, take a small step backwards with your other foot to start your windup. Keeping the center of your weight over the rubber, bring your glove and pitching hand to your head. While bringing your hands back down, pivot your foot, flush against the rubber.

Step 3: The Delivery

With your eyes focused on your target lift your knee, rotate your hips, and keep your other knee slightly bent to maintain balance and power. As you lower your stride leg begin to take the ball out of the glove and cock your gun. Your pitching arm should continue swing upward while your glove hand is now pulling your front shoulder towards home plate. Your throwing elbow should be above your shoulder while you are rotating your hips. With a curveball the palm of your hand should be facing inward, toward your ear as it passes your head. The ball is released by snapping your wrist towards home plate causing a rotation on the ball. Your pitching arm extends out and down, causing your hand to do the same. Your front leg should be slightly bent as, with your foot slightly closed to home plate.

Step 4: Follow Through

As you release the ball your front leg should stiffen so that your leg and upper body are now at a 90 degree angle. Your back leg should swing around next to your stride leg putting you in a fielding position.