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How To Throw A Football

How To Throw A Football

Do you want to watch your football soar through the air in a perfect spiral like the pros? A little technique with your hands and fingers goes a long way. Follow these easy steps and you'll be rifling the ball in no time!

Step 1: Get A Grip

Grip the football on the underbelly with your index finger on the ball seam... And make a sort of "L" shape with your index finger and thumb. But handle that pigskin with your fingertips, not your palm. Footballs used to be pigskin. The NFL uses leather, but you may practicing with plastic.

Step 2: Near Your Ear

Hold the ball up near your ear. This position gives you a much quicker release... And that means the defender has less time to react to your throw… and you're more likely to increase your percentage of completed plays.

Step 3: Keep Your Eye On Target

Keep your eye on the target, with your shoulders nearly parallel to the intended receiver … and your pivot foot pointing at him. When you finally throw the ball, you'll point the end right at your target.

Step 4: Think Circular

With your hand and elbow, create a half circle from start to finish, and release the ball at the top of the arc. The longer the radius of this circle, the faster you will be able to throw the ball.

Step 5: Shift Your Weight

Practice stepping into your throws. It's the only way to complete a long pass. You've got to throw the ball with your body, not just your arm. If you dream of being an NFL quarterback, you'll need that mustard to complete the essential 20-yard sideline pass.

Step 6: Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything. Use the rotation of your shoulders timed well with the throwing motion of your arm to generate the maximum speed you need. Follow through, bringing your arm fully across your body to the opposite hip.

Step 7: Spin To Win

Footballs are designed to sail through the air, but you got to have spin. To add more, roll your fingertips off the ball at the moment of release.

If thrown properly, the ball flies through the air in a perfect spiral, like a rocket ship. Destination: touchdown.