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How To Throw Darts

How To Throw Darts

This VideoJug film aims to teach you how to properly throw darts and improve your game. Elements discussed include the proper stance and angle for the most effective throw and higher score.

There are no hard and fast rules as to how to throw a dart. Over 30 years as a professional, believe me, I've seen some very, very strange styles. But they're all effective in their own way.

Some are better than others. Simply get hold of the dart in a balanced fashion so it feels comfortable in your hand. As a rule of thumb, the very first time you pick up a dart to throw it will be a perfect pointer to you as to how to actually throw it.

It will come natural to you and that's how to hold the dart. All you've then got to do is straighten your arm and push it away. My best advice to anyone taking up darts as to where to stand on the oche when throwing is if you're right-handed, I would suggest it's better to stand on the left hand side of the oche.

So if you turn sideways on from that position, you drop your arm and lift it up straight, you point it straight at the treble twenty. If you took the same stance in the middle of the board, drop your arm, bring it up, you're pointing straight at the double thirteen. So from this position, if you want to hit a treble twenty, which is top center of the board, you're effectively throwing at an angle.

If you go to the extreme right, you're throwing at a greater angle, and further. Why make it difficult? Take this stance right-handed, you're throwing at a dead straight line, all you've got to do is straighten your arm, and push the dart to the treble twenty. Sounds easy.

Not always. .