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How To Tie A Cake Bow

How To Tie A Cake Bow

Annabelle and Billie from Confection Perfection, a cake shop in Kent, show the viewers the right way of how to tie a beautiful ribbon and bow around a celebration cake. They show you how much ribbon to use, how to make the bow and how to attach them to the cake.

Hello. I am Annabelle, and I am Billie and we're from Confection Perfection in Maidstone based in Kent. We are experts in all aspects of cake decorating.

We are going to show you how to tie a cake bow. The perfect finish to a celebration cake is a ribbon and bow. The first thing that you need to do is measure your ribbon around the side of your cake and allow a small overlap.

Trim the ribbon to the length that you need. To fix the ribbon around the side of the cake, you can either dampen it slightly and it will stick to the side of the cake as the damp dissolves a bit of the sugar making sugar glue. Or you can use a little bit of royal icing.

The little bit of icing on the ribbon, start at the back of the cake and stick the ribbon down. Move around the cake to the front of the cake where the bow is going to sit and around to the other side of the cake a little bit of icing on the cake and a little bit on the ribbon. Make sure that you pull it quite tightly so that the ribbon is firmly fixed around the cake and check that you have got it center around the cake, and if needed to be, adjust it slightly.

To tie a bow, you need roughly a half a meter of ribbon. Start with the ribbon over your hand and lift to make a loop at the back, hold this between your finger and thumb. Take the tail over the top and at the back, you want to twist it.

This helps the bow sit nicely but also if you have a ribbon that only has a pattern on one side, it means that each loop has the pattern. I have twisted it and moved my finger over the top to hold it in place. Make the loop with the remaining bit of ribbon and thread it through.

Put your thumb inside each loop and at the back pull between your finger and thumb to tighten your bow. You can adjust the size of the loops depending on what size bow you would like. To make the V cut at the bottom of the bow, some people find it quite tricky to get it even.

So, if you fold the ribbon in half and then cut you want to cut from the open edge to the folded one at an angle, and that will give you a nice even V shape on the bow and then repeat that on the other side. So, you go from the open side to the folded cutting it at an angle. To fix the bow to the front of the cake, double sided tape is the easiest.

You can use icing but that does not always work that effectively. So for double sided tape, I normally put two strips across the back peel the backing paper off the tape and stick the bow in place. And that is how to tie a cake bow. .