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How To Tie A Knot Braid

How To Tie A Knot Braid

In this episode of Hair With Hollie professional hair stylist Hollie Kiernan shows you how to do a knotted braid. This style is really simple yet looks striking. It is great for school and formal occasions too.

Products Used:

  • Kirby Grips
  • Hair Clip
  • Hair Spray

Step 1: Backcomb The Front

Backcomb the front of the hair to give it a bit of volume, pull all the hair back and section it around the crown of the head, and give it a spray of hair spray to give it more grip.

Step 2: Tie The Hair Knots

Split the hair in two, cross one over the other and tie it into a knot. You can put a grip in at the top of the knot to keep it in place. Carry on down the hair, taking pieces from each side and tying them in knots until you have used up all the hair.

Step 3: Fold Up The End

Once you have knotted all the hair, secure it with a pin and work it under the style and pin in place. Finish with a bit of hair spray.