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How To Tie A Square Scarf

How To Tie A Square Scarf

How to Tie a Square Scarf: Scarves are a popular way to accessorize and personalize a casual outfit. Scarf designer Dominique Mosley shows two ways to tie and wear a beautiful square silk scarf.

Hi. I'm scarf designer Dominique Mosley. I'm now going to show you all of the different ways that you can wear and style a scarf to personalize your look.

Now I'm going to show you how to tie a square scarf. Now, big silk squares have really come back to fashion at the moment. And they're a really popular way to wear scarves with a really casual jeans blazer outfit.

So if you're wondering how to tie it you can take the square scarf, take two diagonally opposite ends and halve the scarf. Take the two ends and tie them in a double knot behind the neck. And that leaves the bulk of the fabric out to the front in a triangular shape which is a fantastic way to display a really striking print.

Another way to tie your square scarf if you are after a more classic look. Again, if you take two diagonally opposite corners of your silk scarf and halve the fabric, then take two ends, you can roll to make a thinner piece of fabric, and then once again around the neck. Take the two ends, tie in a double knot.

And then you can just style the fabric to work with each other outfit you're accessorizing. Which is another great way to show off the print in a square scarf.