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How To Tie A Turban

How To Tie A Turban

Videojug presents a guide to tying the perfect turban

Start by folding in turban in half, then half again until it about 4-5 inches wide. Fold one edge back about an inch to give yourself a straight, neat edge

Start by placing one end over head and rest it about half way down the back of your neck. Then wrap around your head, right to left, so that it holds that end in place.

Keep folding as you go along, keeping the turban the same 4-5 inches throughout. Neaten out any creases and continue to fold the edge back one inch to keep it straight and neat.

Make sure you keep the turban reasonably tight. When you start on the next layer wrap down the right side of your head and then back up on the left side, almost in a cyclical motion. Continue this method of folding and wrapping until you come to the final length of turban.

Take the last piece across the front of the turban, then double it back and tuck it in at the top. Now pull out the initial end that you rested on your neck, unfold it and tuck it in to the top of the turban.