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How To Tie Dye Dresses

How To Tie Dye Dresses

Tie dyeing dresses is a wonderful way of giving a makeover to plain dresses. It is an art which needs to be mastered. This video gives you an idea and some easy tips on how to tie dye different materials and which materials are suitable for tie dyeing.

Hi. I am Turguy Mustafa, doing garment dyeing for the last 26 years for Prestige Fashion Dyers, and today, I will be giving you some tips about tie dye and garment dyeing. Now, to actually tie dye a dress, you are going to be limited of which effects you can get because depending on what the material is and how big the dress is, because if you are trying to get a camouflage effect because the material is so big, you can't actually put your elastic bands around it properly so it will create a bit of problems.

Now, on a dress, you can achieve a spiral effect quite easily. Let's say a dip dye again, you can achieve a stripe effect. You probably achieve it is just to camouflage because you are not able to make it into a ball.

Now again, to actually tie dye a dress, your cloth must be natural like cotton, silk, canvas, drill, linen, anything natural you can dye. When it comes to mixtures like polyester mixtures, you are going to be limited of how depth you want your colors or how depth you can achieve your colors because the polyesters don't tie all that well, so all you are going to be able to dye in the end is the cotton part. Silk or the viscose part or whichever, they are the materials made of - so if you want a navy, you would probably get a blue.

If you want a black, you would get a gray and so as long as the dress is a natural soft thing, you can dye it with no problem at all. .