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How To Tie Dye Shoes

How To Tie Dye Shoes

Tie dyeing or dip dyeing shoes makes them more attractive and it's also something different to try on your shoes. The best idea is to buy the right colored sprays and let your imagination work on the patterns you want.

Hi. I am Turguy Mustafa, doing garment dyeing for the last twenty six years for Prestige Fashion Dyers, and today, I will be giving you some tips about tie dye and garment dyeing. Now, if you actually want to achieve that tie dye effect on the shoe, obviously there are some sprays that you can actually buy and you can actually spray on the shoes and that will dye the shoe into the pattern that you require.

Obviously, you are going to be limited and the only materials that you will be able to dye is probably canvas, silk, cotton or natural fibers, let's say. Now, if you actually want a multicolored tie dye on a shoe, what you can do is buy whichever colors you require, spray one area of the shoe into the effect that you want. Then, cover that area with a little cello tape and go on to the second color and so on into the further for whichever pattern you require or how many colors you require.

Now, even if you actually want to dip dye your shoe, I will recommend you to buy the dyes, mix it in warm to hot buckets and try and dip the shoe in there and not leave it too long because otherwise, the glue on the shoe will probably melt and the seams will start opening up. So, it might even ruin your shoes. Well, my advice to you is buy a spray and just spray it on them and that's the only way you can probably dip dye or tie dye a shoe. .