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How To Tie Dye Sweatshirts

How To Tie Dye Sweatshirts

Even sweatshirts can be dyed and this video gives you the instructions.

Hi, I'm Turguy Mustafa. I do garment dyeing for the last 26 years for Prestige Fashion Dyers and today I will be giving you some tips about tie dye and garment dyeing. This is how to actually tie dye sweatshirts.

I mean, sweatshirts are quite easy tie dye because they are cotton-based and you can actually achieve most of the results you want on them, and again, you can watch our other dyeing techniques and either do camouflage, stripe, spiral effect or any effect that you actually require. Now, to actually tie dye sweatshirts, we mainly use direct or reactive dyes and for this again, all you will need is some salt and vinegar. When you're dyeing it yourself, obviously, use different slightly stronger chemicals and to achieve the colour you require, you probably have to use the right depth and percentages to the depth that you require.

Okay, I mean, the best result to actually achieve on tie dyeing, to most of our customers, is a camouflage. And to actually achieve this, you can actually watch our dyeing techniques or just a quick rough idea, just squash it and make it into a ball again and try and put about 4 elastic bands wrapped around will give you a quick rough idea and make sure you put the elastic bands tight, about 4 elastic bands, and once you've got this, then you can dye it into any colour you want and that will give you a nice camouflage effect. .