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How To Tie Kite String

How To Tie Kite String

Before you start out kite flying, make sure you know how to tie your kite string.

Hello, I'm Thomas from the Kitesurf Centre. Today, I'm just going to show you a couple of tips on how to fly a kite and how to get into these brilliant sports of kite flying. This is how to tie a kite string.

So, kite string is also known as the kite line which you'll find it more commonly known if you look into buying at all or something like that. So, how to tie it, it's basically how we attach the line onto our kite. So, what you'll find on your line, you're going to have a loop and then on the kite, you'll have a knot.

Sometimes, it might be the other way around. You can have a loop on the kite and the knot on the line but 90% of the time, it will be this way around. So, we've got our loop here.

All we're going to do is we're going to fold the loop over like this so we have two loops with the top of it running over the top of this, store in the center here. I'm going to fold these two loops over and this can now slide up and down, and we've got this big hold form by the two loops. We're going to push the knot through those two holes, pull it tight and pull it up against the knot, and that's it.

Because it's basically a slip knot, that's going to get tighter and tighter as the kite pulls. As long as you've got it tight and you've got it up against this tougher knot, that should never fail. So you've done this line and you can see we've got colors.

The blue matches the blue. I'm going to go on the other side and attach the other line there. So if your bridle's a bit of a tangle, just sort it out because you don't want the kite to fly in a big mess like that.

So, this is all sorted and on this side, you can see we've got red and red. So, you know you're connecting it to the right place. So if you draw the red over to the other side ad you try to attach it to the blue, and you know it's wrong, so color coding moves that up really nicely.

So exactly the same, push the loop over on itself so it looks like this, push the two loops together, knot through the hole, pull it tight, pull it up against the knot and that's all done. The left side with the left color coding is attached and ready to go as well. And that's how to tie a kite string. .