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How To Tighten Microring Hair Extensions

How To Tighten Microring Hair Extensions

Tatiana Karelina from Russia showed how to properly replace microring hair extensions, considering the hair color and how old the extensions are.

Hi, I would like to show today how to tighten the microring hair extensions. Normally, the best time to wear microring hair extensions would be around three months. Unless your hair is very fine, then you would require maintenance a little bit quicker, more often.

I would say maybe every two, two and a half months. So, we section the hair. This hair extension is around two months old.

I will show how to take them out and put them back in. If it's very nice quality hair used for your microring hair extensions, all the hair is generally reused. You can reuse every single strand.

It's a very nice and neat process and quite easy to make to work for another three months. You will need pliers, a hook and some microrings. The same microrings which we used before, I will be using today.

The same color - I matched the color of the microrings to the color of my model's hair. It just helps to make sure the rings are blending in very well. Not showing, not flushing and seating very nicely, looking very unnoticeable.

So, we take the first strand. The microrings are now flat, so we have to press on the corners and the sides and open the microring up, push it up toward the scalp and take the strand out. It's very easy.

Then take the ring off. We are not going to use this anymore, we are going to use new microring. This strand is all intact.

Just comb it gently. Just to make sure we comb the hair that naturally sheds in two months' time. Take the section clip.

Take the section of the hair and we will apply to the strand, the same spot, using a new attachment, a new microring and sticking the strand on the tip inside. Just make sure you keep your fingers flat, you pull the strand down. Everything should be nice and flat.

Please avoid all the cross hairs. They are very, very uncomfortable if it's going to be messy. Just press the sides, make sure it's all clipped up properly, and that's the size of it.

So, you can basically compare now, these ones being in the hair for a while. This one is attached; it's slightly closer to the scalp, not too close though. Theoretically, it can be attached closer but there is no need to do it.

It can be too painful, it can be pulling and it could be very uncomfortable for the person who's wearing it. Just go one after another until you tighten all your microring hair extensions. That's the technique.

And that was how to tighten your microring hair extensions. .