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How To Time Travel

How To Time Travel

There are many occasions when the ability to time travel can be both practical and convenient. Whilst philosophers and scientists are often divided on whether time travel is actually possible our team of boffins have put our wits together to show you how to get the job done.

Step 1: Travel into the future

Time travel to the future is easy as we are already travelling along a forward bound timeline. All we need to do to increase the speed of the timeline is to alter our perception of how time passes.

One way of doing this is to use cryogenics, this way your bodies cells can be preserved for centuries at sub zero temperatures and thawed out at the required destination.

Another method to time travel to the future would be to plot a return journey at relativistic, that is approaching the speed of light, velocities. This would result in a ‘time dilation' where less time will have passed for the returning travellers than for those at the point of origin.

Step 2: Travel into the past

Backwards time travel is a bit more tricky. One method is to use a vehicle that is capable of faster-than-light-speed travel. According to Einstein's special relativity, when you accelerate faster than the speed of light then there is some inertial reference frame where you would be moving backwards in time; hence in a state of time travel.

Just remember, to use this technique you will need to have an infinite source of energy with which to power your vehicle.

You could also try using a Tachyon Field Generator. Tachyons are tiny particles that travel faster than the speed of light, and as such move backward in time. The only set back here may be that tachyons are hypothetical as there is no actual evidence for their existence.

Step 3: Using a traversable wormhole or black-hole

This phenomenon is an area of warped space-time that allows an alternative route from one point to another.

Scientific opinion is split as to whether such a wormhole would be stable enough to serve as a means of time transportation, but it is a possibility, so why not try it.

Once you have constructed your wormhole you will need to accelerate one end to relativistic velocities and then return it to the stationary end. The resultant time dilation would mean that the accelerated end has aged less that the stationary one. Therefore this is a state of time travel.

Step 4: Be careful

Time travel can be very hazardous. Due to the laws of cause and effect the entire Universe that the time traveller is leaving could be irreversibly destroyed.

One school of thought allows that each time you initiate time travel you systematically erase the Universe you just left and a new one re-created around you. The presentist's viewpoint is that this is happening all the time, the future does not exist because it hasn't happened yet and the past is continually being destroyed by the present and so on.

Others argue that there are an infinite number of parallel universes and that whenever time travel takes place the traveller is simply jumping between them.

On one hand this philosophy is very useful; it solves the infuriating problems brought up by causality which renders Time Travel impossible. For instance if you were to build a time machine then go back in time and kill yourself before you set off then you would cause a temporal paradox at which point causality steps in and puts a stop to things.

However, if the multi-verse theory is to be believed then anything you happen to do whilst exploring the past only actually occurs in a parallel universe, so there is no need to concern yourself with changing major historical events, accidentally killing your great, great, grandfather, or falling in love with your best friend's mum.

But don't take a gamble with causality… Video Jug advocates that all time travellers should be extra careful not to disturb the delicate balance of human history and to treat parallel universes as they would their own.

Step 5: Visiting the past or future

Try to remain inconspicuous during your visits to the past and future, avoid human contact as much as possible. Do not show off your future technologie