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How To Tint Your Eyebrows

How To Tint Your Eyebrows

Hiya, I want to share my little technique for how I tint or dye my eye brows. I use a basic eyelash/eyebrow tinting kit and wallah! New eye brows. Its easy peasy :)

Step 1: Preparing The Mixture

Today, we're going to do eyebrow tinting. I'm going to mix the mixture up so it's ready. We're going to be using a little glass jar, which you should get free with your tinting kit when you get one. Some eyebrow tint in brown, and black if you've got dark eyebrows.If you're blonde you just want the brown one.Now we're going to put a little bit of each, in the jar, just a little nib like that of black.Same again with the brown, so you've got the black and the brown just on the top there. Now in the kit you'll get the eyelash or eyebrown tint developer, which is the peroxide. You want three drops of this, and you want to make your paste nice and creamy, but not too sloshy or it it'll drip.So 1, 2, 3 drops will do.

Step 2: Mixing The Dye

Then with the brush that you get in the kit, just mix the mixture up together until you get a really thick paste. Mix it into a paste, so it's all gloppy and smooth and you'll end up with a mixture that won't drip. It'll just be enough to apply the cream mixture. Make sure that you mix the colors properly together because you don't want some of your brow light and some of it dark.You'll end up with a greyish color, but it always looks lighter when it's wet and creamy. Once it's on your eyebrow, you'll see how it darkens.

Step 3: Applying The Vaseline

So, now that you've done that, you want to take some vaseline. Luckily, I got that one from MAC - The Lip Treatment. You just need to apply this all around your eyebrows, because you don't want to get any of that dye on your skin. I'm the only one who is using this so I don't mind doing this. But obviously, otherwise, you would use the vaseline out of a jar or the lip balm, anything that will seal the skin from getting any of the dye all around the eyebrow area. Don't put it on your eyebrow though, or the color won't take. Apply it all around, make sure you cover all the area underneath, because you don't want to get any color on there or it doesn't come out for a long time!

Step 4: Applying The Dye

Now we're going to apply the eyebrow dye. Start with one eyebrow and start from the inside going out. Just create your shape. Brush it on like you would your eyebrow pencil. Now, I don't know if you're going to see this properly, because I have just had it done recently, so I don't know how good the color will show up, but I hope it does! Make sure you get it right on.Follow the shape of your eyebrow and you won't go wrong.See how it appears to be darker now that it has set a little bit?Go back and forth, make sure you cover all of the area. Just a little bit at the start here, and then just go over it, you want to darken that out, and after you've done that, do the other side. Then leave the other side to set. It's harder to see what I'm doing on this side because there's not much light in this room. Apart from the energy saving depressing white light bulbs, and it doesn't offer much light

Step 5: Removing The Dye

The vaseline comes in handy because you don't want a blackhead.And also because you have the vaseline on, if you do go a little off the line, the vaseline will come off with it. So to take off the dye, you start with this one you've done first.Take a clean, dampened cloth or pad, preferably a cotton padand, and just remove the dye from the inside out, removing all the excess hair dye. Making sure it has actually darkened up and you're not going to get any on the skin. Then, you go back over and you remove the other side with another clean cotton pad. Always have them handy and ready because with eyebrow hair it dyes really quickly.You don't want to leave it on too long So just remove all the excess hair dye once you're done. It's literally straight on and off because it'll go really dark and it will stain.You don't want it staining the skin you just want to stain the hair.

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