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How To Tone Up Fast

How To Tone Up Fast

Ever dreamed of losing those wobbly bits and toning up in time to wear that new outfit to that fancy occasion? Here are our top tips to show you how to tone up fast.

Step 1: Cardio

In order to tone up you will need to start with doing some cardio-vascular exercise. This will help with your overall fitness but will work your whole body. Light running, cycling, swimming, in fact any exercise that gets your heart rate going will work, but try and vary the activity to work different muscle groups.

Step 2: Squats

Static stretches help to define your muscles and are simple and effective to do. They can also be done almost anywhere! When performing a squat always make sure you keep your back straight and your tummy in. Your weight should be on your heels and as you push your hips back you start to bend your knees. Your knees should not come over your toes. Try doing sets of ten squats to start of with. You can increase this the more confident you get.

Step 3: Lunges

Always keep your back straight and tummy in throughout the lunge. Start off standing with your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. You can put your hands on your hips. Take one step forward and bend your knee down to perform the lunge. Your heel should be raised on your back foot. Your knee should not come over your toe on your front leg. Push off your front leg and return to standing. Repeat with the other leg.

Step 4: Sit- ups

These help to tone your tummy area. This is a problem area for a lot of people and will really boost your self esteem if you get it in the kind of shape you long for. Start by doing sets of 10 repetitions. You could get a friend to hold your feet if you lack the initial muscle. Training with a friend will also keep you more motivated. Please see VideoJug's "How to do Sit-Ups" for some more top tips.

Step 5: Diet

By cutting out all of the fatty, sweet snacks and starting to eat more healthily you will really notice the difference. Eating more proteins and fibre will help you stay fuller for longer and cut down on the snack temptation. These can be found in foods like brown breads, cereals, dark veg and nuts.