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How To Tone Your Thighs

How To Tone Your Thighs

Having toned thighs look beautiful especially if you want to wear shorts or really short dresses just to show them off. Here are a few Pilates tips to tone your thighs.

These are some great exercises for toning your thighs.
The legs, slightly forward of the body, straight line, head to tail, break at the hips and then the legs forward. Both legs turned out, lifting and flexing on the way down. Breathe out up, breathe in down, tummy, pelvic floor, lengthen.
"Small Circles" - Turned out and reverse.
"Leg parallel" Lots of tummy and pelvic floor as you take the leg back and small circles. And reverse.
"The bicycle" You bend your leg as if you were stretching the front of your thigh, bring the knee forward, straighten and bring the leg back. And reverse.

"Inner Thigh" Big circle, leg turned out, little toe downwards. And reverse. Keep lengthening your head away from your tail, your leg away from your tail.

And that's a couple of quick, effective exercises to tone your thighs