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How To Torch On Felt

How To Torch On Felt

This video walks you through the steps in installing and torching felt drips on a roof and making sure it sticks well to avoid water getting underneath.

How to install felt drips. Where the felt is obviously 6 inches up on the wall, that is where we take our mineral felt drips. This is a 4 mil sheet, it's a torch felt and again this back of the felt, you can heat that and it will stick to the previous lays of felt.

With gray stands, that's what's they are, all stuck to the side of the felt. They're just basically a cap sheet. This roof here is going to be used as a balcony, so obviously, we have to add two layers of underlay down which is two layers of 2 mil underlay felt and we're going to put some terrace tiles on the felt which will stick to the felt itself and we're going to put felt drips around the edges to make it look finished.

It's a thicker felt, a 4 mil felt that sticks in the corners and stops obviously splits happening in the felt and it finishes it off and it looks very nice and pretty. When you put the felt against the walls, again, they're roughly 6 inches up to the cross of bricks which is obviously hit by the previous felt. We know where that is because the existing felt is there.

We would bend it down, scraper, put it on top to keep the weight down, so you are able to burn the felt. With this felt, we don't need to heat as much as the previous felt because the back of the felt becomes very very wet and hot so it makes it stickier to the wall. Again, push right in the corner to keep it nice and tight, to obviously stop problems with the felt ripping in the corners, and we use the bat and the scraper to just heat that other side of the felt.

Just push it down with your hands and it would stick to the existing felt. Push the front to make sure it's stuck right down if you don't want any water getting underneath that felt and as a precaution, I'll just give it more heat and maybe just palm it down again just to make sure it's entirely stuck. And that's how to install a felt drip. .