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How To Trackstand On A Bike

How To Trackstand On A Bike

This brief video from www.Bikeskills.com will help you learn a basic but important cycling skill. Always wear a helmet and protective gear any time you ride a bicycle and especially when you are learning new skills.

Step 1: Demonstration

Hi, I'm Joel Lawwil from bike skills. What you just saw was a track stand. This is an important fundamental of mountain biking that will really help you out on the trail, and today, I'm going to show you how I do a track stand.

Step 2: Set-Up The Bikestand

To set up for a track stand, roll up to a slight uphill, and come to a complete stop using both breaks. Make sure your seat is lower than normal. Find a gear that allows you to keep constant pressure on the drive train. Stand up with your strong foot on the forward pedal.

Step 3: Bikestand Technique

The key to the track stand is to apply forward force through the pedals while counteracting it by feathering the breaks. Notice how I roll forward and back while turning the bars to maintain balance. You're never completely still.

Step 4: Exiting The Bikestand

Performing a track stand requires many micro movements. To exit a track stand release the breaks, pedal forward, and straighten out your bars. Here's how the most basic of mountain bike skills can help you out on the trail. That's it! I'm Joel Lawwil from Bike Skills, and with a little practice you too can do a track stand.