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How To Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

How To Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

Learn how to train your dog to be obedient. The Head of Training at Battersea Dogs and Cat's Home, Ali Taylor, takes you through the technique to improve your dogs obedience.

Step 1: When and how to reward

Reward your dog all the time for movements in the right way, then for the whole action, then for best attempts. Rewards can be food in the form of treats or part of your dog's dinner, praise, or a toy or game. Remember it is only a reward if your dog wants it.

Step 2: Self Control

This exercise will teach your dog to hold back from taking a reward. Put a treat in your hand and hold it out to the dog in a closed fist. Don't give it to your dog if he touches your fist or is persistent in any way, instead raise your hand and say LEAVE. When he eventually stops trying to get at it, say 'take it' by moving your hand towards your side in a flat palm and let it have the reward.

Step 3: Walking on a loose lead

This exercise will help stop your dog pulling on its lead. Decide which side your dog will walk on and how far in front you are prepared to let it go. Get your dog to sit as you put the lead on. With your dog sitting at your side, set off. If it goes too far ahead, stop and encourage it back with a titbit. Keep talking to the dog to hold it's attention and motivate it to stay with you. Once your dog is happy walking near to you, practice without a lead in a secure area.

Remember to make learning fun. Your dog will respond more quickly and won't be afraid to try again if you make a mistake.