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How To Transfer A Patient From Bed To Wheelchair Using A Hoyer Lift

How To Transfer A Patient From Bed To Wheelchair Using A Hoyer Lift

Robert shows VideoJug users the best way to transfer a patient from their bed to a wheelchair using a Hoyer lift. Learn how to carry out the Hoyer Technique properly, with this great Video.

Step 1: Meet Robert andVivian.

My name is Robert. The cameraperson is Vivian. Vivian and I are going to demonstrate the use of a hoyer lift, which is used to transfer a patient from bed to wheelchair and then back again from wheelchair to bed.

Step 2: What you'd expect to see:

I will start out by showing the features of the hoyer lift and then we will take it into the bedroom where our model is. And Vivian will demonstrate the actual transferring of the patient from the bed to the wheelchair. And then in the last segment I will demonstrate the transfer of the patient from the wheelchair back to the bed.

Step 3: Features of a Hoyer lift:

First, I would like to show the features of the hoyer lift. These are the feet of the hoyer lift, which are pushed underneath the bed so that this portion of the hoyer lift is poised above the patient. The hoyer lift is in two parts. The sling is positioned underneath the patient, and then the straps are hooked to the hoyer lift and the hoyer lift is pumped up, raising the patient from the bed. And then the feet are pulled out from underneath the bed and the hoyer lift is moved around and the patient is positioned over the wheelchair, and is lowered into the wheelchair.

Step 4: The Hoyer special feature:

The hoyer lift has a special feature on the feet, in that the feet can be separated more widely allowing room for the wheelchair to fit in there. But during the process of working with a patient for better stability, it is important to have the feet parallel, the arms of the feet parallel as they are now.

Step 5: Positioning the sling.

So what we would like, these are the hooks for attaching the sling to the hoyer lift. So what we would like to do now is to move into the bedroom and Vivian will show how actually to do this work.

We have now moved to the bedroom and this is Vivian. In addition, Vivian is going to be doing the demonstrating, and our patient here is Rita. So what Vivian is going to do is first is to place the sling under Rita and we will show that first. When you position the sling under the patient, it is necessary to line up the centerline of the sling with the backbone of the patient so that it is centered.

What Vivian has done is to fold the sling in half. So the half that under the patient can be pulled through on the other side. Now she is coming around the other side to do that.

Step 6: Doing the reverse routine:

Okay in the next step. She is going to get the straps ready for attaching to the hoyer lift. There is six straps, three on each side. These are the ones that go between the legs then up onto the hooks. Okay so she is going to attach the waist strap and the shoulder strap onto the hooks on the hoyer lift.

There that is pretty much it. Our routine is for Vivian to get Rita up every morning into the wheelchair and the Rita stays up in the wheelchair through lunch and into the early or mid afternoon. And then at that time I bring Rita back into the bedroom and transfer her from the wheelchair back into the bed. So this is just a reverse of what Vivian was showing you.