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How To Treat A Pulled Hamstring

How To Treat A Pulled Hamstring

Most people who have participated in athletics have pulled a hamstring at some point in their lives. This video teaches you how to treat a pulled hamstring, and more importantly, how to prevent a hamstring strain from occurring.

In this video, I am going to talk to you about how to treat a pulled hamstring. Your hamstrings are on the back of your legs. It is quite an easy area to pull or to hurt if you sprint.

So footballers, athletes, any kind of sport where you are running fast in one direction very quickly, you have got a chance of hurting the back of your leg or pulling or straining your hamstring. When you pull a hamstring, there are actually different levels. Physios call it level one, two, three, and four, depending on how severe it is.

Now for most people, when they hurt their hamstring, it is a level one pull, which means that you don't need an operation to get it fixed. You may need to just rest it. Reduce the swelling by taking some Ibuprofen for a few days.

Ice it and keep it elevated. However, I always recommend whenever you feel a sharp pain after sprinting or running somewhere, go and see a physio right away. They are the best people to talk to when treating a pulled hamstring.

Another thing to think about is to reduce the chances of pulling it in the first place. That is why it is important to stretch. And now, I am going to the most effective way of stretching the hamstrings.

Sitting on the floor. Feet together. Leaning forward.

This is called a static stretch. Those watching who are all quite athletic, this should be sandwiched in between two dynamic stretches. Now, hold for about thirty seconds.

If you really want to increase the length of your hamstrings, then hold for two minutes. In terms of inter-prevention, thirty seconds is fine, two to three sets. Do it every time before you do any sports. And those are some considerations when treating a pulled hamstring! .