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How To Treat An Infected Hair Follicle

How To Treat An Infected Hair Follicle

In this Videojug film, the medical expert advises patience, and to trust your own body's immune system to fight the infection for you. So go ahead, treat yourself to some surprisingly simple expert talk!

Today, we are going to speak about how to treat and deal with an infected hair follicle. The first thing to establish, of course, is that the hair follicle is infected. And the usual signs are some swelling around the base of the hair follicle together with some redness, discomfort, sometimes, even pain depending on where it is.

And you can, on occasion, see a little, a small amount of pus at the pinnacle or/and base of the hair. These follicles, these infected follicles invariably happen because of shaving or scratching with an infected nail or other instrument. The best way to deal with the infected hair follicle is to pluck the hair, if it is still there and available for plucking, and then to leave the area alone so that the body can deal with it.

Invariably, the immune system, if you are a perfectly healthy person, will manage the small infection in that local area. However, having said that, many hair follicles do get quite large and do get quite painful, in which case, you may need to seek medical advice. You could ask your pharmacist if you don't have immediate access to a doctor or dermatologist, if you are lucky enough to have access to one.

On the other hand, you could just pop into your General Practitioner who may decide that an antibiotic is the appropriate choice of treatment. With infected hair follicles, there is always a very strong temptation to squeeze them and to interfere them in the hope that you will make them heal a little bit quicker. But I think that, generally speaking, all the squeezing and all the interference will inevitably increase the risk of scarring and it's best to leave them alone and to seek some medical advice if it's painful, enlarging or not settling fairly quickly. .