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How To Treat Arch Pain

How To Treat Arch Pain

In this video, a chiropodist/podiatrist discusses the ways to treat pain in the arch of the foot. Arch pain shouldn't be ignored because it can cause problems later in life.

Hello, I'm Charles Goldman, a qualified chiropodist podiatrist. I run The Footpad Chiropody and Physical Therapy Clinic in Holborn, Central London. Today, I'm going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.

We're now going to discuss the treatment of pain in the arch of the foot. The most common place is obviously the medial arch, just the inside of the foot. This is often caused by flat feet.

If it is flat feet, then you'd seek professional advice and maybe need orthotics, or arch supports to prevent the pressures and to stop the pain. One of the other reasons you can get pain in this area of the foot is plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a membrane that is inside of the skin and attaches to the heel bone here.

It divides into three bands that go out of the foot here: the outer band, the central band, and the medial band here. Often, from impact, you get an inflammation of that attachment to the heel bone and this can often spread up the medial band and this is another way of getting pain in that arch. Now, the way to treat that is also using arch supports but also heel cushions, better soled shoes to prevent the pressure.

These things normally disappear after a year, 18 months. Plantar fasciitis is easier to treat because it's not a long term problem. If you do need arch support, something like this would be very good for both problems.

Another thing we can do is if you seek professional advice. If it's an inflammatory problem like plantar fasciitis, you can have anti-inflammatory treatments such as ultrasound, laser, or even massage can help. If the arch pain is caused by flat feet, you shouldn't ignore it because this can eventually develop into pain in the knees, the hips, and lower back in later life.

So it is advisable to treat them and this is the way you would treat pain in the arch. .