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How To Treat Bunions & Blisters

How To Treat Bunions & Blisters

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to treat bunions and blisters. This video focus on swelling or thickening around the first joint of the big toe and its various treatment methods occasionally surgery is necessary.

My name is Kaiser Nazir I am a consultant podiatric surgeon foot and ankle specialist. Today I am going speak to you about bunions and blisters.

Bunions are a very common inherited condition affecting more women than men and are particularly made worst by footwear as you could see from this animation the first metatarsal bone dislocates inwards towards the inside of the leg allowing the big toe to move towards the second toe and causing a prominence then becomes painful <00:44> against shoes.

It is well known that bunions progress over a time and was causing increasing amounts of difficulty with footwear and discomfort. Treatment options could be a simple as adopting your footwear to fit accommodate their bunion deformity all over the counted treatments which may include pads and splints however it must be know that there is no evidence for the use of splints to realign the big toe joint. Should you wish to how the deformity corrected then various surgical options are available.

The newer and more modern techniques allow early weight wagon mobilization with the use of bone screws to reset the bones in a more normal alignment.

Please seek a specialist should you require any further information regarding surgical treatment of bunions. This is a typical X-ray and a foot before and after surgery you will note that the bone has been shifted to correct the deformity on the X-ray on the right hand side with screws to hold the bone in its new end position.

This is how you treat bunions and blisters.