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How To Treat Conscious Choking On An Infant

How To Treat Conscious Choking On An Infant

Learning to spot and treat the symptoms of conscious choking can save a life that's just begun. American Red Cross Instructor-Trainer Pete Hernandez demonstrates how to help a baby in distress and treat conscious choking on an infant.

Step 1: Pick Up

If you find an infant who is conscious but not making any noise or sound. Yet, if it seems the infant is distressed, the infant may be choking. Hold up the infant's feet and slide one hand along the spine, taking the infant's head in your hand.

Step 2: Turn

Take the infant's jaw firmly with your other hand and turn the baby onto your leg.

Step 3: Back Blows

Continue to support the infant's head with one hand, and with the heel of your other hand, perform five back blows between the shoulder blades. Continue to make sure that the head is lower than the torso.

Step 4: Compressions

While supporting the head, turn the baby over to face you. Again, continue to keep the head lower than the torso. Place two fingers along the sternum, about one finger width below the nipple line. Perform five compressions.

Continue doing the compressions and the back blows until the baby begins to cry and the item has been dislodged, another trained responder takes over, there is danger to you, the baby loses consciousness or you become too exhausted to go on.