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How To Treat Dry Peeling Nails

How To Treat Dry Peeling Nails

How To Treat Dry Peeling Nails

Step 1: Introduction

Okay, so dry peeling nails. Today, I’m going to tell you some of the causes and also some of the treatments we can use from Sally Hansen to help combat this problem. These are generally caused by day to day chemical cleaning, if you swim a lot, if you wash up a lot without any gloves on, paper which is really drying in and out.

Step 2: File the nails using two nail files

A common problem is a file too rough for your own nails, so it’s too harsh. I suggest getting two nail files, rubbing them together until they’re really almost blunt. You’re filing from the outside edge into the middle. Now, there is a common myth about soaring the nail is bad. It is only bad if the file is too strong for your nail. But now you’ve blunt it, you can soar. We’ll get a buffer and we’ll buff into the free edge. This traps moisture in but it also traps the moisture out, the moisture we don’t want to cause all that peeling.

Step 3: Miracle Cure everyday treatment

Now, that’s a treatment you can do once a week. Something you can use everyday is the Miracle Cure. This is for excessive peeling. This is something you can apply everyday. After one week, we would take off and reapply. If you direct the brush along the free edge, now this product traps in the good moisture.