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How To Treat Ingrown Hair On Face

How To Treat Ingrown Hair On Face

Ingrown hair is not really a medical problem but it does give your legs, for example, a not so good look after a good shave or removal of hair.

So, today, we're going to talk about the treatment of ingrown hairs which is a very common problem and invariably as a result of shaving. Patients who get ingrown hairs either do so in the beard area in men, and in women, in areas where they shave such as legs or the underarms. It's an exceptionally common problem and the reason it is so common is because sooner or later, it will almost happen to anyone who regularly shaves.

It's not a large problem and it's more in the realm of inconvenience. The treatment, provided the area is not infected, is merely to try gently with a pair of tweezers or a fine clean needle to lift the hair out from underneath the skin and then to pluck it away. Invariably, this will settle the matter.

On the other hand, if you're having a run or you have a recurrent or on-going problem, then first is to seek some medical advice to ensure that the area remains clean and to change your method of shaving which will help ensure that you don't get the recurrent problem. When I say change the method of shaving, I mean, firstly, that you should always use a clean and fresh blade and not allow the blade to become blunt. And secondly, to change the direction in which you shave so that you're getting a good clean stroke of the razor without taking away too much of the skin. .