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How To Treat Minor Burns & Scalds

How To Treat Minor Burns & Scalds

Treat Minor Burns & Scalds. Be prepared for household accidents. Our guide will show you a quick and effective method to reduce discomfort and aid healing.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 non-stick sterile dressing
  • 1 roller bandage
  • 1 adhesive tape

Step 2: Soothe with cold water

Now help the person hold their injured limb under running cold water for at least 10 minutes. This will ease the pain by helping to cool the injury and keep the skin well hydrated. If there is no water to hand, try cold canned drinks, milk or any other harmless non-flammable liquid.

Step 3: Make the person comfortable

Make the injured person comfortable. If possible, help them to sit down at a table where you can put your first aid supplies.

Step 4: Wash hands thoroughly

Now, using soap, wash and dry your hands thoroughly and put on a pair of disposable gloves if available

Step 5: Remove jewellery or restrictive garments

Remove any jewellery, watches, belts or restrictive clothing from the injured area in case of swelling
If blisters develop be careful not to burst them

Step 6: Apply burn cream

Read the instructions carefully before applying the burn cream. If there are any blisters be careful not to burst them, as this might cause an infection.

Step 7: Apply dressing

Cover the injured part with a non-stick sterile dressing to help stop infection. If there is blistering, make sure the dressing extends well beyond the edges of it.

Step 8: Apply bandage

Next bandage the dressing loosely in place. Watch VideoJug film ‘how to apply a roller bandage' for the full technique.

Step 9: Check circulation

Once you have finished, check the circulation of the injured limb by pressing on one of the nails or skin of the hand until it becomes pale. Then release, and if the colour does not come back within 2 to 3 seconds, then circulation is likely to be impaired and the bandage too tight.
Take the bandage off, if this doesn't improve circulation, remove all restrictive bandaging, hold dressings in place and immediately seek medical advice.

Step 10: Seek medical advice

You should seek medical advice if you are worried about the severity of the burn. Be aware that when any skin is burned away there is an increased risk of infection which may develop at any point before the wound is fully healed