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How To Treat Numbness In Your Feet

How To Treat Numbness In Your Feet

This video describes when it's best to consult your physician for numbness in your feet and what you can do to treat it yourself.

Today, I am going to speak to you as to how to treat numbness in your feet. Numbness can be due to a simple or a more serious general or local nerve problem. Some of the more simple reasons for numbness in the feet may be due to a local nerve entrapment, an injury to the foot that has irritated the nerve.

This would generally resolve with some rest and anti-inflammatories. Should you have a more serious medical condition such as diabetes or a generalized nerve pathology then, urgent specialist care is advised. Your specialist may order blood tests or special nerve tests as well as general physical examination to determine the cause and possible outlook.

Treatments depend on the underlying cause and it is advised that you see your GP for further information. This is how you treat numbness in your feet. .