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How To Treat Post Acrylic Nails

How To Treat Post Acrylic Nails

How To Treat Post Acrylic Nails

Step 1: Introduction

After removing artificial or acrylic nails, you can end up with sore, ridged and generally unattractive nails. I’m going to show you free treatments today to help you with this.

Step 2: Apply 'Hard as Wraps' appropriately

Charlotte here has been quite lucky. There’s generally been not much damage to her own nail beds but on this one here, you can see slight facing which means she’s actually lost a few layers of her own nail bed. To fix this problem, Hard As Wraps is a good treatment to use. It’s really important to paint one good coat over a clear bare nail, running the brush along the free edge. This gives a protective barrier over the nail. Apply once a week and to remove, just soak in a nail polish remover. I suggest use this for a couple of weeks to see how it gets on.

Step 3: Use 'Diamond Strength' to build nail strength

Once your nails, after a few days, start to look and feel better, you are less inclined to want to bite them, because nail biters just generally have thick rubbery cuticles for biting. This would help shrink back and moisturize it. Also another trick is to varnish your nails or polish your nails. If you use your Diamond Strength to help build up your nail strength and then polish them, for some reason, we look after them better when polished and we generally keep an eye on them better. You are less likely to put them in your mouth, too.