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How To Treat Soft Weak Nails

How To Treat Soft Weak Nails

Nail expert Sally Hansen explains the causes of soft weak nails and shares tips to treating this nail problem. These are treatments you can do at home to achieve strong healthy nails.

Step 1: Introduction

Soft weak nails – today, I’m going to go through some of the causes and also some of the Sally Hansen treatments you can use to combat this problem. We’re all busy in day-to-day life, using chemicals, harsh abrasives, washing up with no gloves on. These all can create soft weak nails.

Step 2: Filing the nail technique

When filing your own nail, I suggest getting two nail files and rubbing them closely together. This is because most nail files that you buy in the stores are too abrasive and harsh for your own nail and this can cause peeling and cracking. So once we’ve done that, we can file in a backward and forward motion. If the nail file is too harsh and you sore, you will cause more problems on your nail, bruising and peeling. But now, because this is nice and soft, this is not going to cause any of those problems.

Step 3: Apply 'Hard as wraps'

Now, I’m going to use on this particular problem, Hard As Wraps. This is a gel nail hardener. Now, I filed down as low as I can without actually losing the nail with where the crack has appeared. This product, you just paint on gently onto a bare nail, making sure you cover the crack and run the brush along the free edge. This is almost like an adhesive type product to help hold that nail down and almost help it slightly grow out a little bit more without you losing so much nail or maybe being a bit sore if you took it away

Step 4: Apply 'Diamond Strength'

Now, on this nail here, because of the shape, you can tell we’ve got a bit of dryness and also a bit of weakness to one side because of the nail shape. I suggest using a Diamond Strength. This is a product you put on everyday and after one week, take off and either give yourself a nice mini manicure with nail buffing with a cuticle cream or start reapplying this product daily. I suggest don’t use a nail hardener for more than three weeks.