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How To Treat Swollen Gums

How To Treat Swollen Gums

This is an educational video on how to gently care for swollen gums at home. The dentist in the video has plenty of experience and has a book that he has written as well. He explains how to prevent and take care of swollen gums and what to do if you suspect it may be something more serious than gum disease.

Hi, I'm Brian Halvorson and I'm a dentist. I've been in my practice for over thirty-five years and I've written a book about my principles on holistic dentistry. The book is called "Great Teeth for Life".

This video is about to discuss swollen gums. Swollen gums can occur very quickly if your teeth aren't brushed very well and you start developing the early signs of gum disease, as this is one of the characteristic signs. Not only will they be swollen, but they will also be red.

Now, brushing will often resolve that problem especially if you target your toothbrush to where the gums actually are swollen because it may not be throughout the whole of your mouth. Now, you need to reduce the swelling as quickly as possible. As the gums swell up, they cover more of the tooth surface, and therefore, hide a lot of the plaque that's causing it between the root of the tooth and the actual gum itself.

So, by shrinking the gum, you actually find it is then easier to clean the area where the damage is being caused. Now, if you find after brushing and within a couple of days, the swelling is still there and still looks red, then my strong advice is to seek the treatment of a dentist, especially a dental hygienist, because it may be showing that, in fact, it's actually a little bit more serious than just gum disease and therefore, may need special cleaning with the sort of instruments that the dental hygienist would have because you may not be able to just treat it at home alone. So these are a few tips on swollen gums and what you should do. .