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How To Treat Verruca's

How To Treat Verruca's

There are several ways to treat veruccas on your own. Try over-the-counter remedies as well as a specialist's advice with the help of this video.

Today, I am going to speak to you as to how to treat veruccas. Veruccas on the feet are commonly known as plantar warts. They affect both young children and adults to the same degree.

The virus is generally picked up in swimming pools or at changing facilities that are commonly used by others. Veruccas may vary from a single isolated skin to lesion to affecting the whole of the foot. It is well known that, over time, veruccas commonly resolve themselves in children.

However, should the verucca become problematic or painful, then specialist help may be sought. Over-the-counter treatments are available such as salicylic acid treatments or files that help reduce the bulk of verucca tissue. Newer home freezing kits have been available at local pharmacies but should be used with care and caution.

Specialist treatments may include freezing with liquid nitrogen that destroys the verucca tissue and allows normal healthy tissue growth. More radical treatments include electrodessication, which involves burning and cutting the lesion out or surgical excision for more resistant type of veruccas. This is how we treat veruccas. .