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How To Trigger Green Traffic Lights

How To Trigger Green Traffic Lights

Trigger the traffic detector with a common item. Great for motorcycles, bicycles and scooters!

Step 1: The Problem

If you or someone you know owns a motorcycle, a scooter, or even a small car, you've probably noticed that it's easy to get stuck in traffic lights. Well, I'm going to explain why it happens, and show you a great little trick that will save time, gas, and frustration, by getting you a green light every time.

Step 2: The Explanation

At most traffic lights and turn signals you'll notice a loop of wire buried in the pavement of the road near the stop line. This is called an "Inductive-Loop Traffic Detector" that operates by sensing a change of frequencies in the electric magnetic field over the coil of wire. In other words, when a car pulls up it senses a vehicle, and the light changes. Though most motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and small cars don't really have enough conductive material to trigger these loops and change the traffic light.

Step 3: The Trick

Here is the simple scientific trick so you will never get stranded in a traffic light again. I picked up two very strong Neodymium Magnets that have a pulling force of over six pounds each. I also bought a roll of heavy duty exterior mounting tape. After cutting off a small strip of tape, I attached it to the magnets, then I applied it to the bottom of our test scooter. perpendicular to the road, and IT WORKED! These strong magnets produce a very powerful field that increases the inductants in these traffic sensors, and causes the light to change.

Step 4: The Tips

I decided to put the magnets inside a chrome plated pill holder that has a nice rubber "O" ring, so the magnets don't rust.
Save time, gas, and frustration by using magnets to get you through traffic lights.