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How To Trim A Buxux Hedge

How To Trim A Buxux Hedge

Head Gardener at Holland Park in London, Stella Fear shows VideoJug users how to properly trim a Buxux hedge. This is a great addition to any garden, so learn how to properly trim your Buxux Hedge, the VideoJug way.

Step 1: You will need

  • Gardening shears

Step 2: When to trim

The best time to trim a Buxus Hedge (common name Box hedge) is the first week in June. It is an old English tradition to do it on Derby Day, which is the day of the Epsom Derby. The new growth of a Buxus starts off soft and light green, gradually turning more leathery. Once it has reached this leathery state, it is ready to trim. Box plants should never be cut in hot sunlight, as the cut branches are liable to scorch and burn.

Step 3: Cutting with shears

Box puts on new growth from early spring, so the idea is to make a nice neat hedge or topiary shape so it looks good for the summer. If necessary, sharpen the shears, then cut the hedge to the desired shape. If you are tidying up a hedge which has flat sides, lay the shears against the flat side, and apply a little pressure as you cut to shear close to the original shape. For larger hedges, you may wish to use electronic hedge trimmers.

Step 4: Box Blight

Getting the timing of the cut right is thought not only to protect against late frosts, but also to help combat Box Blight. Box blight is a fungal infection that appears as brown leaf spots, with grey fungus on the underside and black streaks on the stems. Good trimming will help remove this from the plant. If you notice any box blight on the cuttings, sweep them up, and burn if possible.