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How To Trim Eyebrows

How To Trim Eyebrows

This video teaches you how to cut your own eyebrows. Using just your own clippers and comb, you can easily be cutting your own eyebrows tomorrow.

Hello, my name's Andy Heasman from RUSH, I'm the International Artistic Director. Now, I think the major tip is I don't think you want your eyebrows to be too short. So you really want to just trim those excess long ones out of the way, you know, the ones that are just sticking out.

So I'm going to use the wide end of my comb, you want to be using quite a wide comb. Place it into the hair and just, you can see the long ones come out. You must be very, very careful not to go in too, too short.

Apply the clippers and just run the clippers across. Be very careful, working in an upward motion, to stay away from the eyelashes. Taking the clippers and moving them upwards all the time.

Being very, very careful not to go anywhere near the eyes. And then just take it down very, very slowly and look and be very careful in taking it down. There's nothing worse than you've got your eyebrows and they take them in too, too short.

They become quite transparent. Especially with people with lighter, lighter hair. If you go too short, it becomes non-existent.

Using the comb as the guard, right through the middle, where there's no eyes, you can literally start working in a downward motion, but always leaving hair there instead of taking it right in. And that's how I demonstrate how you cut your own eyebrows. .