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How To Trim Guinea Pig Nails

How To Trim Guinea Pig Nails

This video talks about how to trim a guinea pigs nails

Hi! My name is Marie and I'm the deputy manager of the small animal department of Wood Green animal shelters in Cambridge. I'm going to advise you on how to care for guinea pigs. I'm going to tell you how to trim guinea pigs nails.

It's really important that you check your guinea pigs nails at least every 3-4 weeks. Guinea pigs nails as they grow older can grow quite quickly. If they are left they can curl around and cut into the pad and make walking quite uncomfortable for them.

The best thing to do is either bring them inside or sit out into their enclosure. Take a towel with you and make sure you've got a good pair of small animal nail clippers. Get the guinea pig, nice and comfortable on to the towel and just snuggle that around him so that he can't back of into any direction.

In most guinea pigs its quite clear to identify where you are going to be cutting at the nail. In all animals they will have a pink bit which is the quick and that is the blood vessel. And then you have the white bit which is the dead end, that's where you need to be clipping.

Make sure you check these each week and they should be no longer than a standard nail on your own length, so measure that and that will give you a bit of a guide. If you are able to clip them every 3-4 weeks and literally take the tips off that will make sure that you've got no problems in the future, whereas if you leave it and do it every 3-4 months you could find that they are quite long and there could be a risk that you could cause them to bleed. So when you are going to clip them make sure he is nice and comfortable, hold out the foot and just take the tip off nice and easy.

When you do it make sure that's it a nice, swift movement. If you do it slowly and move the clipper the guinea pig is going to feel it and he's more likely to wince and move away and that is where you could clip his feet, so make sure he is nice and comfortable, line it up and clip it nice and quick. If you want to do his front paws, sit him back down, hold him down and that way you will be able to clip them.

You may also find it more comfortable for one of your family to hold the guinea pig for you instead but often I can just hold out his paws this way and clip his nails quite comfortably. If you do manage to make your guinea pigs nails bleed make sure that you've got a bit of warm cotton ball nearby so just don't dunk it into some warm water and just hold that compress on the nail for a few minutes and that will stop the bleeding. Obviously try your hardest to make sure that doesn't happen and like I said if you keep up to it regularly every t-4 weeks and just take the tips off, you shouldn't have that problem and that's how to trim a guinea pigs nails.