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How To Trim Your Beard With Clippers

How To Trim Your Beard With Clippers

Trimming your beard with clippers is a nice and easy way to keep your beard tidy and smart. Learn how to trim your beard with clippers the VideoJug way, with this great step by step guide.

Step 1: Lower jaw

Start just below the jawline to give a nice sharp line. Clench your jaw and use two fingers as a guide to where to trim.

Step 2: Upper jaw

Continue on the side which you have started. Follow the natural line of the beard. Again, use two fingers to give you a good width guide. Go from the corner of the mouth to the lobe of the ear.

Step 3: Adam's Apple

Two finger's beneath the chin as a guide. Be careful as the area is very sensitive.

Step 4: Upper lip

Use the last quarter of the blade to neaten around the lip